Abon’s highly skilled scientific team is capable of utilizing sophisticated techniques and technologiesin their product development work. Our scientists and chemists apply the physicochemical attributes of the drug, excipients and the finished product in connection with the pharmacokinetic parameters of the drug and dosage form in the development of the drug delivery system. The use of statistical design and mathematical modeling with consideration of pharmacokinetic principles in formulation development enables Abon’s scientists to develop a product with a predictable outcome that offers higher assurance in the success of bio/clinical studies. In addition, Abon’s scientists integrate quality and regulatory requirements into the development program, giving higher assurance of fast track product review, approval and launch.


Proper Pre-formulation research is the key to successful development of a product with a high probability of meeting bio-performance, stability, optimum process, that addresses recent FDA science-based review requirements. Pre-formulation is often an under-utilized step in Product Development. This scientific research saves time and resources during development. Such activities are included, but not limited to:

  • Polymorphism
  • Micromeritics - Particle Properties
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Drug-Excipient Interaction
  • Viscoelastic Behavior
  • Solid-state Characterization
  • Micro and Nanotechnology Analysis
  • Matrix hydration & drug diffusion

  • Mathematical Simulation Modeling
  • Modified Release Technology (Micro/Macro particle, Matrix, Coating)
  • Optimize and Improve Bioavailability
  • In-vivo/In-vitro Correlation
  • Robust Manufacturing Process
  • Integrate Quality & Regulatory Requirements

Analytical Services
  • Physical and Chemical Characterization
  • Polymer characterization (Mn , Mw , DS, functional group analysis etc.)
  • Method Development, Optimization and Validation
  • Bio-indicative release
  • Pharmaceutical Equivalency of Complex Molecules
  • API Development Support
  • Polymorph Screening
  • Stability Studies
Bioanalytical Services
  • Protocol Development
  • Biostudy Design