Abon Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on drug delivery research and product development. Abon’s expertise and flexibility can bring a complex formulation project into clinical or bioequivalence study in a timely manner and within budget. Whether your goal is to improve bio-availability, achieve bio-equivalence, or develop a new product, Abon’s innovative approach to formulation development will meet your expectations. Abon’s professional team of scientists has a proven track record in a multitude of dosage forms, and has multiple patents in drug delivery.

Meet The Founders

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Salah U. Ahmed, PhD
Bruce Downey, Esq

Dr. Salah U. Ahmed is the President & CEO of Abon Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Prior to the establishment of Abon, he was the Executive Vice President of Global Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He was responsible for the development of generic and proprietary pharmaceuticals as well as API and biotechnology products. Barr’s product portfolio encompassed diverse Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) including parenteral, nasal, ocular, oral, transmucosal, transdermal, and intrauterine routes of administration. The corporation ran its research and development operations in the USA and several countries in Europe.

Dr. Ahmed received his MS in industrial Pharmacy and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from St. Johns University, New York. He has more than a quarter century of pharmaceutical experience, of which 16 years was at Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. His leadership role in product development significantly contributed to Barr’s transformation to a specialty pharmaceutical company and a world leader in the generic pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Ahmed has a distinguished track record in pharmaceutical research involving special DDS, solid-state interactions, statistical design and mathematical modeling in product development research, and in-vitro/in-vivo performance of dosage forms. His research work in these areas originated more than 40 patents. He authored or co-authored more than 60 research papers, abstracts and book chapters.