Abon Pharmaceuticals, LLC operates out of a 42,300 sq ft facility in Northvale, NJ. In this facility we are capable of developing:

Oral Solids
  • Immediate and Controlled Release Capsules and Tablets
  • Orally Disintegrating Tablets
  • Swellable Hydrogel System
  • Hot Melt-extruded Dosage Form
  • Multi-layer and Press-coated Drug Delivery System
  • Pseudo-osmotic Drug Delivery System
  • Micro-particle Coated System
  • Nano-technology Products
  • Transmucosal Drug Delivery System

  • Oral Solutions and Suspensions
  • Ophthalmic Solutions, Suspensions and Emulsions
  • Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery System
  • Micro-emulsion

  • Aqueous and Oil based Injectables
  • Suspensions
  • Lyophilized Powders
  • Bio-degradable Depot

Abon is capable of handling hormones, cytotoxics, and potent compounds in its Containment Facility.